OS X The worst OS to program Arduino on?

Hello Everyone,
Is this just me having issues with OS X arduino. It crashes a lot. I have tried a few different things but seems to me the ftdi drivers are buggy at best.

Should I give up on OS X?
Would I have better luck in a vm or see the same results?
If vm route is better would windows be the best OS to use?
If I got blue tooth module would I possibly see a decrease in crashes?

There was a previous post on this started I think it was last year and has posts up through this week on it.
So some info my help you there.

With that said I run OS X 10.9.5 on 2013 desktop MAC, I have seen zero issues using the IDE 1.0.5 and have connected true Arduinos and clones (MEGAs, MINIs, UNOs, Leonardos, NANOs, YUNs, Ethernet Board) with out connection or programing issues.

I also have run the IDE 1.0.5 on Windows XP under Parallels with out issue (not quite as convenient but works), And on occasion have run under Linux.

I would ask what MAC are you running.
Most people posting issues seem to originate with older MACBook Pros if I am reading posts correctly, most seem to get fixed with updates and installs.

Until fairly recently I did most of my Arduino development (which is a lot) on OS/X 10.7.5.

The Mac never crashed, and I think the IDE was pretty solid as well.

I have tried a few different things but seems to me the ftdi drivers are buggy at best.

What Arduino do you have? What FTDI drivers? I usually used the Uno / Mega and had no issues.

Its a new mac running 10.9.5.

I just installed the ftdi drivers from http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm exact one i used FTDIUSBSerialDriver_10_4_10_5_10_6.pkg They didn’t state 10.9 in the documentation so I just assume the one that support the most recent osx.

My ardunio board is mega 2560.

I’m using sketch 1.0.6 ← should I try and get 1.0.5 instead?

I also went and disabled the ftdi drivers that mac had bundle following these instructions.

The crash I get seem to be almost random.
I have seen it on connecting board, disconnecting board, uploading sketch, connecting to serial port. However I haven’t noticed a pattern yet. All of the above will work part of the time without an issue.