Hi guys; I'm currently using CNMAT's OSC library to let my arduino, connected with an ENC28J60 Ethernet Module using the UIPEthernet library.

I've currently got working, sending OSC to my laptop using UDP however I want to switch over to TCP since I've noticed that when my laptop replies using UDP, some of the messages do not come back in order.

So I'm either looking for a way to read OSC from the UDP packets, which I believe there is a way using CNMAT's OSC library, however I don't know what it is... Or I'm looking to see if any one here has got TCP sending and receiving messages using an OSC library for arduino.

So I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong arduino for the job and would love your advice. I'm currently using and arduino mega 2560 with the ENC28J60 module for sending request to my pc and receiving osc messages from my pc. Am I ok using the mega or should I look into using something like a YUN, TIAN or LEONARDO ETH.

Thanks guys!!

Libraries: https://github.com/UIPEthernet/UIPEthernet/ https://github.com/CNMAT/OSC