OSC To Count and Trigger Different Devices Simultaneously

Hi All,

Im starting a new project and looking for some guidance.

The project brief:

Build an Arduino project that can sit on an OSC network, count OSC Messages from 5 remotes and then send a message to 5 different Qlab sessions to start a set of cues simultaneously once all of the remotes have been counted as 'ready'.

The remote that I am planning to use are the Visual Productions B-Stations.

These can be programmed to deliver OSC Messages and will control their own Qlab machines. Thats the easy bit. I need a way of counting when all of these individual rooms are 'ready' to then move all of the systems on at the same point.

I have had some experience with Arduino and through some research, seems like this shouldn't be too much of a problem with the Oscuino library.

Looking for any and all advise to get this project started.

Many Thanks.

I had to look up OSC to find out that it is Open Sound Control protocol.
How are you joining the Arduino with the B-Stations you have mentioned ? With Ethernet ?

And how are you going to connect to the host(s) running the Qlab sessions ? Again over Ethernet ?

I can’t help much, but here is a document which also links to a tutorial to get you started. Oscuino | Trippy Lighting

Hi 6v6gt,

I am planning to network all of the B stations with the Mac’s on a single network. Each remote can be programmed to cue a specific machine using OSC ID so they should be happy to sit on a network all together.

The tricky bit is getting some sort of external logic system to be able to ‘count’ a ready signal from 5 separate remotes. This could be done as a certain arguments to the Arduino. Once the Arduino has received all of the 5 arguments from the network. Then send 5 cues out to the 5 specific machines to start the next video at the same time.

Im pretty sure this should be able to be done over 1 network, its more starting the code that looks and counts that I need some help or advise!