Oscilliscope for beginners

All of my technically unchallenged friends have or have access or have used an Oscilliscope, i have seen them, but i have never used one myself. I wish to test my duino circuits & have a better understanding of what is truly happening under the hood. I will mainly be using it with my Arduino's & wonder for the price if the following would suffice? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ARM-DSO-Nano-Pocket-Sized-Portable-Digital-Oscilloscope-/170663256339?hash=item27bc52a113

Can anyone provide some useful links, tutorials or books please?

yea avoid those pocket scopes

for less you can get one that plugs into your computer that you are already using and does more than a pathetic 1mhz bandwidth on a china MP3 player

for example


20Mhz bandwidth, 2 channel, 48Msp for about the same price

course that is a US vendor but look around, dont waste your money

I just purchased the Hantek 6022BE USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Do you know of any good tutorials?

no, but a scope is dead simple to use once you figure out what you want to do on the screen left to right is time, up and down is voltage

as I told our intern, the magic of using a scope is figuring out which way to turn the knob (or the picture of the knob in your case)

set your voltage scale to what you intend to see, maybe a bit higher, dial in your time scale until you can get good measurements, play with it a couple days and you will be able to dial it in like a radio station.

here is a decent tutorial on scopes


Yes, Very good, thank you. Have watched part 1&2. Now i am ancy waiting for the scope to arrive.

MJLorton is a good guy. He posts over on eevblog a lot.

The first post has a LONG video (basically a recorded class) on oscilloscopes: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/beginners/oscilloscope-training-class-%28long%29/

There are multiple good videos in this thread. Basically, watch the first one and then follow up with some of the others and you will be more adept at oscilloscopes that almost all the people on these sites.

As for the contents of the first one: 0:00:00 Opening and Agenda 0:02:50 Brief History of Oscilloscopes – with Al Klase 0:15:00 Start of Basics of Oscilloscopes – with Alan Wolke 0:19:00 Basic Block Diagram of an Oscilloscope 0:19:50 Oscilloscope / Display Overview 0:23:00 Display Section Functions and Controls 0:28:10 Vertical Section Description 0:33:17 Vertical Scale / Coupling Controls, Input Impedance 0:38:04 Vertical Mode Controls 0:48:05 In-circuit Example of using two traces on the oscilloscope 0:52:41 Horizontal Section Description 0:53:48 Horizontal Sweep Types & Controls 1:10:15 Triggering (Synchronization) Section Description 1:13:19 Trigger Source, Mode and Coupling Controls 1:19:56 Trigger Level and Slope Controls 1:23:29 Introduction to Oscilloscope Probes 1:31:45 1X and 10X Passive Probes 1:34:00 10X Probe Compensation and Use Considerations 1:48:48 XY Mode of Operation 2:00:12 Front Panel Control Layout 2:02:20 Pop Quiz! 2:03:00 Wrap Up: Oscilloscope adds Intuitive Feel to circuit operation 2:04:45 Questions and Answers 2:13:35 Brief History of Oscilloscope Tubes

Understanding Signals Tutorial at: http://www.parallax.com/go/propscope

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