Oscilloscope or logic analyzer can't connect to SCL line of sensor MPU650 GY521


I have a gyroscope (MPU-650 on GY-521) connected with an Arduino Uno. The sensors works fine and I wanted to "sniff" the I2C data using a logic analyzer (ScanaQuad 100). This works if I only attach a probe on the SDA line and connect to GND. When I try to connect the SCL probe the sensor stops working.

For error searching I used an oscilloscope. Connecting to GND and SDA line works perfectly and I can see digital signals and measure 3.3V. Also there I have same problem that when I connect a probe on SCL line, the voltage drops to mVolts and stops working.

As an electronics newbie I would appriciate some advice on how to deal with this and possible explanations. I bought the logic analyzer and oscilloscope to learn more about electronics and to aid in error searching. Now these tools are part of my "challenge" and learning curve.

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There must be something wrong with the clock-line. Try both A4,A5 as digital outputs and send alternating 1/0. If your scope still ruins the signal, a pin may be damaged.

... To check for current : toggle them slowly with a LED and 220R connected. Try LED with anode/cathode switched

Have you got pull up resistors on those I2C lines? It sounds like you may not have.

I tried testing the pins as suggested and it turns out that the board is the problem. After some hours the Uno "died" and I couldn't upload sketches anymore. I also tried to see if I could reach it using an Atmel ICE programmer but there the deviceID can't even be read anymore and a got a failure telling that it wasn't able to set it in programmer mode.

Thanks for the tips!