oscP5.jar file will not open!

Hi, I have just tried to download the oscP5 library and the .jar in the library will not launch and I don't know why. Does anyone know?


Can you see it when you click on Sketch->Import Library?

No, I cannot. I downloaded the file, but it might be a problem with my library in the processing folder i'm not to sure I have it right ?

The library should go in the libraries subfolder of your Processing sketchbook folder.

Right yeah I have done that, but there does't seem to be a .zip file anywhere.


There is the link to the file if you can find anything?

thanks for the help

That's where I downloaded it from. I don't understand what you mean. I just downloaded the zip again and unzipped it.

Thats strange, the image shows what files come up. There is no .zip file, what is it that I am looking for to move into my libraries?


Ah. You have a Mac. It will have unzipped it for you when you downloaded it. Move the oscP5 folder (with all the contents) into your libraries folder.

Thank you very much, i've been doing that for hours haha. Just got confused when it said un zip and I couldn't find the zip file.