OSEPP Bluetooth via FTDI

I have an OSEPP-manufactured Arduino BT: http://osepp.com/products/arduino-compatible-boards/osepp-bluetooth-arduino-compatible/ And I want to program it directly via an FTDI cable rather than using the bluetooth interface (it can be finicky sometimes). I am not sure whether or not the bluetooth chip on there (BlueGiga WT11) is interfering with regular cable operation. I connected all 6 of the pins correctly by soldering a screw terminal to the unpopulated spaces on pins 4 and 8 (NCTS and NRTS respectively) and all of the other pins being either on the pin headers or the power in. The 3v3 light is on as it should be in normal operation. And it also appears to be showing up when I scan for bluetooth devices. Pic: |500x281

If the Bluetooth chip is interfering with physical cable connections, is there a way that I can bypass it without breaking down the entire chip? I will definitely use the bluetooth interface, it's just that I would like a physical connection for the programming part.


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Yeah sorry, that guy can be an asshole sometimes. Do you have any thoughts on my problem though?

The problem is outside my experience. Someone else will have to help.

I don't have direct experience with that board. With some of the more obscure topics, it may take some time for somebody with relevant experience to chime in. If you are impatient, you may take my non-expert hack opinion with a grain of salt:

I had a look at the schematic of the board. I found there is no resistor in the TX line of the Bluetooth chip as it connects directly to the RX line of the main processor. So, a device such as an external FTDI that you attempt to use on this board will cause line contention and it is likely to cause damage to the FTDI device or the onboard Bluetooth chip on the board. I would not be hooking up an FTDI adapter to that board and attempting to do what you propose, if it were my board. I don't think that board is suitable to use the in manner you propose. Something like an Uno would be better. Or if you want part time Bluetooth, Sparkfun Arduino Pro 328 board combined with an Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-link (the small module, not the shield). Option 2 is to abandon trying to program the board with FTDI and instead use an ICSP programmer such as another Arduino running the ArduinoISP sketch to upload using programmer.

avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM3": The network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help.

I get that message. Does that mean that I may have bricked my chip?

It sees and pairs correctly of course because the bluetooth chip is a separate entity, but it doesn't transfer any data. Is my last hope the ICSP then?

I don't know if you've damaged it. But if I were you I would be removing that FTDI adapter. You can see if it still uploads using Bluetooth or passes data via Bluetooth as it was designed to do. Then you will know if it is damaged.

PHEW. False alarm. I was using a CLI utility called BluetoothCL Tools to pair and unpair and that seemed to be working for a while and then stopped. But I am happy to note that when using another computer and going through the regular old windows BT stack, it connects and uploads code. YAY.