Osepp LCD Shield

On the way out of town the other day I picked up an Osepp LCD Shield to be used on an UNO that my son has. We already had a few DHT11s and the plan was to make a small electronic thermometer while we were away over xmas.

We tested the DHT11 via the serial monitor and it works fine (attached to pin 7).

Now that we have mounted the LCD shield we are having a hard time finding a pin that will work for us. The DHT needs a digital input, and the LCD seems to be using them all.

If you read this far it is probably clear that we are very new to Arduino and electronics.

Any tips? Clues? Hints as to how we can find a pin to use.

We are far away from any source of gidgets and gizmo's so we need to work with that little we have.


Looking at the schematic and their “buttontest” sketch, it looks like they’re only using D4-D9 (LCD) and A0 (reading the pushbuttons).

From the pic of the board, they didn’t make D8-D13 as easily accessible as D0-D7 and A0-A5 with the extra solder pads beside them.

The “analog inputs” can be used as digital inputs (or outputs for that matter). So, maybe you can re-write your DHT-related routine to use D2, D3, A1, A2, A3, A4 or A5.
I would solder some wires off the OSepp board, or from the Arduino, to interface with the DHT.


Thank-you. I am new to shields too. So wasn't sure what was fair game.