osepp motor shield

i've just bout a osepp motor sheild. i saw the it was bass on the adfruit motor shield. my question is if it is posible to stack two osepp sheld like you can do with the adafruit motor control.

link to datashete: http://osepp.com/products/shield-arduino-compatible/motor-servo-shield/

Post a link to the datasheet for your shield so that we know exactly what you are referring to.


http://osepp.com/products/shield-arduino-compatible/motor-servo-shield/ this is the link to data shete

My guess is that you could not stack those shields because both shields would be trying to use the same I/O pins.

But somebody else might know more about them.

Have you asked the Osepp people ?


It's basically just stacking the L293 chips. That does work but it's not a good practice; you should get a higher amperage motor driver instead.

If you're insistent on going that route I'd suggest saving some money and just buying the L293D chips by themselves -- you're probably going to accidentally burn out a lot of them anyway. See http://blog.tinyenormous.com/2010/06/23/how-to-piggyback-driver-chips-on-ladyadas-arduino-motor-shield/ for an example of how to stack the chips.

Chagrin: It's basically just stacking the L293 chips.

I had assumed the OP wanted to drive different motors with the second shield?


ya thanks geuss it is helpful

charlesc: ya thanks geuss it is helpful

You have not said what you are trying to do - as in Reply #4 or Reply #5 ?


i'm would like to contorol 4 stepper motor at the same time.

Then no, it's not stackable.

The best product for four, ~2A stepper motors would be a RAMPS shield. Actually it'll handle five motors but y'know. You can find these combos all over eBay or the usual places.