OSOYOO Pro Micro


Am I able to use a OSOYOO Pro Micro with Arduino software? I'm looking to use it to automate Chromebook enrollments.


Does it use a 32U4 chip? Then you most likely can. Worst case, you need to change a crystal to a standard speed and re-burn its bootloader.

Yeah, it's just a pro micro clone. Looks fairly well made, at least judging by the first pic. Tants on the reg implies that they haven't cost-cut aggressively, and the 4-pad crystals with the golden cases are typically more expensive and better than the 2-pad ones or the HC-49 ones.

If you buy a board that advertises/guarantees compatibility, this kind of question becomes mute.


Thank you

Last questions…any idea what board/port I should be choosing the Arduino Create? Im trying to follow the SOPs…but can’t find the correct option to so I can upload code to the USB.

Is there a choice for Pro Micro? Leonardo? Those are the ones that use '32U4 chip.

If your bootloader doesn't agree with the IDE speeds used with those chips, then you are out of luck anyway and need to Burn a bootloader that does match.