OT: Does someone knows how to switch from CCTALK to pulse

Subject say's it all :-) I have one alberici RFID key reader that i want to switch from CCTALK to pulse mode. Does someone knows to make this ?


Please provide a link to the reader data sheet. You know what's a data sheet?

I guess i know what a data sheet is but to be sure i google it.

Data – piece of information
Sheet – a large rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric, used on a bed to cover the mattress

Just kidding :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The reader ( you have to signup to download the sheet ):

I will download it and pass it to some server…

Shortly, am using round based version with CCTALK protocol but am not sure if i can switch this protocol
to pulse or do i have to buy the same reader with in build pulse option. It looks like that they are selling two separate versions of same reader…

Regards !

As different manuals apply to ccTalk and Pulse, I guess that they are related to different models. Ask the provider from Assistance or Contacts.

Provider support is equal to 0. Or to be exact, you have to wait days for some simple respond.

Good to know from which supplier not to buy anything :-]

They have good products but support is other story. Tell me, i guess you have worked with CCTALK....

Is there a way to "convert" this protocol to pulse, by using some external adapter like arduino ?


I don't even know what's CCTALK :-(

A shot into dark: I'd guess that you have to use a CCTALK compatible interface, implement a CCTALK processor, and then figure out what you have to tell the device and interpret what the device responds.

So, you are just a regular guy who want's to help out. Really nice of you, thank you !

I have worked with cctalk protocol and i have homemade programmer which can be used for programming rfid keys. I need to find a way to convert this to pulse and only thing that i can think of now is to add some "converter " in between. Cctalk works as serial based protocol mostly on 9600 and i guess that i can read out the incoming data and convert it to impulse. This is just a guess but it would make sense...

E.g. user inserts some existing, cctalk programmed key. I try to read out the data and based on that information i can try to detect parts that are described as "coins/money" and convert it to pulse.

I found one interesting site regarding cctalk and arduino examples. If you want to, you can look at this and maybe we can set some test HW..


You missed to give the link to that site.

upps, am sorry..


I see that it's all quite well documented. No C code, but Java should come close.

now we need to adopt this code to arduino so we can watch what is passed over serial port. Then we can pull important part out and convert it to impulse. Basically i need to detect part with coin amount.

E.g. if the amount is 2$ i should generate some amount of impulses.