OT, like in a court case of Ally McBeal

so, in a public sale (not ebay) in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder, I opened an auction in order to sell a very old UNIX workstation of mine, asking to be contacted in private, classic "hi guys, interested? shoot me a pm, please"

then I put the same machine on ebay, in order to double my chances to achieve a good deal

… what happened next seems to be a TV novel like in an Ally McBeal, a super judge of the justice league assaulted me in private

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"ah, dude, caught with your hands in the jam, you state correctly in the above mentioned ...

according to bazaar sale/trade rules, no software will be provided (hard drive wiped), the deal is for the hardware only

but the flea bay auction clearly states that with the your workstation preinstalled together with software, and this means you are dishonest and fraudulent to members by offering the exact same system on two different sites with different conditions. You are deliberately bending the rules to allow the auction to be mentioned on our forum.
Now listen up, because i'm going to be very @#$!!@#!@# clear in my next statement:
Either you remove your auction in its entirety and without reappearance on this very forum, or remove the corresponding Ebay auction. Since our Hardware for Sale forum excludes reselling software, you cannot link to the ebay auction directly. You have to choose between Bazaar and Ebay for this item.
I give you until noon CET on friday the 22nd of April to comply fully. Failure to do so will result in court council pertaining, with a final punishment"

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Interesting points, different commercial offers, different prices, different opportunities, never thought in that way, never thought that offering different occasions in different places is "sneaky", like underhanded tactics in order to hide fraudulent intentions, but, since they have (hidden) rules, I was/am in the wrong.

Frankly I didn't know about that, mutually exclusive rules, and it sounds like a court case, [they] looked at the (hidden?) rules and got me on a technicality, a point of law or a small detail of a set of rules, their convictions were overturned on a technicality, and if one was selling, he/she too would have probably fell into the same trap.

What do you think about?

Is that super-judge-of-the-justice-league right? I am mean no doubt I am in the wrong according to their (hidden) rules, but can I be considered "dishonest" and "fraudulent" to members?

I was not in the position nor to hire Ally McBeal as personal lawyer neither to get a reply to my question (any Law tips ?), as result accuser vs dumb convicted, and he declared me to be guilty of a criminal offense by the verdict of judge in a court of law (verdict? judge? court of law? oh my goodness, is it a CandidCamera?), thus I was immediately condemned like an inmate to peel onions, and, and since I have to wear my t-shirt in white with black stripes during the whole 60 days of penalty of my account suspension, I wonder If I'd best send my CV to Fraudulent Incorporated (I might get a job there)

(my dry humor)

Tell them that if you sell it through them, you'll wipe the HDD, otherwise a fleabay buyer can have it as is.
They don't make the rules for Ebay.

If I was bidding for an item on EBay I would expect that it was NOT on offer elsewhere (in any condition) for the duration of the EBay auction.

So I support the complaint.

It would be a different matter if the EBay seller was a business with a dozen of the same items for sale.


If I was bidding for an item on EBay I would expect that it was NOT on offer elsewhere (in any condition) for the duration of the EBay auction

ummm, interesting point, but

what happens if you get contacted by a few dudes, asking to have the goods reserved but then they change their idea, resulting your deal equal to time wasted?

what happens if those dudes offer you a miserable amount of money, resulting your deal equal to time wasted?

in my opinion, since it's "best offer", ebay is just doubling your chances to make a decent deal

problem with some forums (fortunately not Arduino, even if I am not active here): they get big enough and someone always power trips and starts throwing their weight around

I am permanently banned from a forum due to this episode. Nobody has never warned, moderators haven never tried to resolve issues directly with all parties involved before taking the step of banning someone, and last not least, the satisfactory resolution found yesterday: the permanent ban is confirmed

When that mess happened I was trying to sell a vintage unix workstation on ebay and on their bazaar (software removed to respect their rules), I am a respectable member on ebay, my feedback is 100% positive, therefore that accuse of being dishonest to members on both sites was just a personal sabotage against my micro business, simply because someone in their stuff doesn't like it, thus it was not actually a single individual's decision, it was a group decision, people do not get banned because of simple "internal disputes" or because a moderator doesn't "like" someone (sarcasm)

oh, and it's also interesting because it's the Truth: they didn't try to consider things like language skills and cultural differences when they engage as moderators, they didn't take their responsibilities seriously as moderators to be thoughtful and fair

I just hate abuses, when people in the staff can justify a ban for personal disagreement, I hate when people who were in charge of things go on power trips like that, e.g. why was it necessary to ban "your IP address"?

frankly, when people asks me ... why don't you put your good code and documentation on forums ... that is the reason: because your effort is eventually nothing

accuse of being dishonest to members

so, the unknown after death is showing the path before the ban: “douchebaggery regarding resellers”
as I actually make a living as a reseller of vintage hardware, though not as good of a living as it used to be