OTA device not always shown up in IDE

I would like to understand better the mechanism how a device programmed for OTA is recognized by the IDE. I have been able to successfully update my board remotely using OTA several times. However, sometimes the Port option in the IDE is greyed out and I cannot do the update.

I was wondering if the reason is on the device end or in the IDE end but using Bonjour it does see the device so then it means that the reason must be on the IDE side. Re-starting the IDE does not help. Just waiting enough long time seems to correct the status and the Port option is visible again.

So, is there (or should there be) a “refresh” button in the IDE which would cause it to scan available devices on the network? It is frustrating to just wait without being able to do anything until the Port option will be available again. Or am I misunderstanding the concept?