OTA - going back to serial


I've set up OTA, and it worked fine. messed up password on wifi an now can't upload new sketches. How do you go back to standard serial, i'm only getting an IP for the port.

I've tried all the restarting/booting combinations and different usb ports.

Do I just though the processor away and buy a new one.

kind regards daniel

OTA to AVR with ESP8266AVRISP esp8266 library with SPI connection?

Cheers J.A.

i'll see if I can nut that through


I am asking what OTA. There are different OTA solutions for different boards and you didn't specify.

Sorry J.A. i'm a bit nervous.

I'm using a Firebeetle esp8266 with ArduinoOTA.

cheers daniel

only esp8266 sketch upload with ArduinoOTA? it can't create problem with serial upload.

copy the esptool messages here