OTA Issues IDE 1.8.10 - Network port not detected

I have two computers with Windows 10 updated to last version, one for work tasks, the other for leisure.
I have Arduino IDE 1.8.10 installed in my work PC, and have been work with older Arduino versions since 2014. In this computer network port is not shown, but in my leisure PC showed OK.

I saw myself in the need of using OTA in several ESP8266 projects i have been working.

I did test OTA with the BasicOTA example form ArduinoOTA library from my work PC. From the begining, network port didnt showed. But using commanad lines from espota.py form windows console i did it (targeting the update to the device IP).
Because OTA library relies on mDNS i decided to install mDNS in both computers. After that i hoped to make the network port to be shown (in work computer). And thus from leisure computer i wanted to use .local domains to access ESP8266 projects html interfaces.

This is the way i make mDNS to work in Windows 10:
-Execute regedit.exe
-Navigate to the registry key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\DNSClient. If the key does not exist, create it.
-Add the value EnableMulticast as a REG_DWORD, with the value 0.
-Install Bonjour for Windows (https://download.info.apple.com/Mac_OS_X/061-8098.20100603.gthyu/BonjourPSSetup.exe)

After this installation it was possible access .local domains from both computers. This means ping worked to esp8266-[chipID].local that is the hostname used in BasicOTA example form both computers.
Despite of this, network port still not shown in Arduino IDE 1.8.10 installed in my work PC.

Because I had nothing to lose, i decided to install Arduino IDE 1.8.10 in my leisure PC. On this computer it had never been installed. In the first run the network port showed OK.

This makes me think that for the network port to show, mDNS must be working on system prior to IDE installation.

I resist to remove Arduino IDE from my work PC because Im afraid pf loosing a lot of libraries and customizations made in Arduino15 folder. I must ask. This folder remains untouched after IDE reinstallation?

Why mDNS installation is so messy in Windows?
It can be enabled without Bonjour? Because in my office PC mDNS works ok in Windows 10 without installing bonjour. That baffles me...
Can i make network port to be shown without reinstalling IDE? That will be the best option for me.

NOTE: Because ArduinoOTA depends on mDNS functionality, it is no need to use MDNS.begin("hostname") because it is set up with ArduinoOTA.setHostname("hostname"). It is no need to add MDNS.update() in the loop if ArduinoOTA.handle() is alredy there. Double checked!