OTA problems on ESP8266

Hi all,

I wish to use OTA programming on a WROOM-02 using Arduino IDE 1.8.5. So first load the sketch “BasicOTA”. At this point I see the new ip address generated: all ok. Now I wish to load the sketch “server_5” via OTA. Also in this case the programming is ok and the new net “SERVER” is created. Now there is the problem: the address to program with OTA disappears and so the updates are impossible.

Someone have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

BasicOTA.ino (1.92 KB)

server_5.ino (1.75 KB)

Someone have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, read the forum section heading before you post.

Your "server" sketch doesn't connect to your router, so of course there's no IP address for the IDE to send code to.

thanks for your reply. I'd understodd that ssid and pw of local router where in flash in the bootloader zone of memory thanks to the first OTA sketch. By this way the sketch "server_5" can works with the other ssid+pw.
It's wrong?

Where do you ask the server sketch to connect as client to your home AP?

Hi wvmarle,

thank you very much!