OTA via IoT Cloud not working (Nano 33 IoT)

I disconnected my Nano 33 IOT to a new location (i.e. from office to home). After several hours later, I reconnected it and uploaded with a new WiFi in the setup initially via COM port follow by OTA. Walla it worked effortlessly.
The device is aptly named HAPPY.


Hi all!

I know from some of you and the metrics on our dashboards that the Over-the-Air updates success rate is improved, but it's not where we want it to be.

We are building new tools to improve further the chances of getting successful OTA update at every run.

The first one is a slightly modified version of the Arduino IoTCloudLibrary with additional debug messages for the OTA process. You can upload this library version as a custom library in the Cloud Editor and share the log messages with us when an OTA goes wrong.

You can find all the details to start using this IoTCloudLibrary version in this guide:

Let me know if you find something missing or you have any questions.

Hi, a newbie here, hoping you can help me. I am having trouble with OTA updates. I have a nano 33 iot board and have ben using OTA updates fairly successfully up until a day or so ago. The sketch verifies ok, but on upload you get the dreaded 'Binary not received by Board' etc message. Is anyone else experiencing this?
I am using updated GitHub - zmoog/ArduinoIoTCloud and have updated this library using the full editor/library manager on the IOT Cloud.
I then include the 'setDebugMessageLevel(4);' after the void (setup) and also in preferences set 'Show verbose output'

Just for confirmation, do I now copy and paste the error logs?

Many thanks

MRK1010, all firmware on board is up to date. Board shows it is "online" in my dashboard. Tried the 2.0 ide and also unable to upload over wifi.

Looking at the age of this thread I would have assumed this issue would have been fixed by now. I'm beginning to regret having ever touched the Arduino IOT cloud.

H @gavvyboy, thank you for trying to use the library with extra logs!

Are you using the web editor Arduino Cloud to edit your sketches? If you're using this, all you need to do is connect the board to you computer and open the Serial Monitor:

I am really really sorry you are having issues with the OTA update process. We made serval improvement since the beginning of this thread, and there is still some work to do to make the process more reliable for everyone.

Having a rock solid over-the-air update is a priority and we are working on it.

Can I try to learn more about you specific issue? I'd like to know the device ID of your MKR WiFi 1010, so I can dig in the logs and learn more.

To get ID of your device, please: