ota wifi port not appearing for wemos d1 mini

I am trying to run the Basic OTA sketch with a Wemos D1 mini. The sketch uploads and I get correct output on the serial monitor, it has joined the wifi network, but an OTA port is not listed. I have python 2.7 installed. I have restarted the IDE and computer a few times. Any help would be appreciated.

Also tried re-installing the esp8266 core and turning off the firewall. Can someone please help me?

Also uninstalled the IDE and reinstalled the IDE, 1.8.5. No OTA port shown. Can someone please help me?

Reinstalled Python 2.7.14, selected the add to path option. No OTA port.

Uploaded to a Adafruit Huzzah board that I know works. No OTA port.

ESP8266WebServer is working for both boards

is it configured as STA and connected to the same WiFi network as your computer?