OTA without compiling?


I have a remote system: a Raspberry Pi and an ESP32 with OTA.

Currently I can compile remotely and OTA. But that's slow and clumsy.

I would like to compile locally on another system, transmit the .bin file to the Raspberry and upload the ESP 32 via OTA.

Is that doable?

What would the OTA procedure be to upload the .bin file?

Thank you for your hints...

you can use standalone esptool.py to upload a binary.

or see the examples of the HTTPUpdate library

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Thank you, i will take a look.

Can esptool.py really do OTA?
I did only find serial references on the readme.md.

esptool can"t do ota. but I understand your post that you upload from the IDE on Raspberry over serial and you want to do it without the IDE

I am generating the bin file at home, then transmit it to a file on the remote pi over VNC file transmit
The remote Pi should perform the OTA to the ESP.
There is no port open and no NAT to upload directly to the ESP and the remote IP is subject to change.

Is the sketch currently being compiled on the remote pi then loaded OTA? If so, look at the verbose output from the compiler and see how the file is getting uploaded.

I thought the esp8266 is connected to PI with USB

No, the ESP is just in the same WLAN network.

Is the sketch currently being compiled on the remote pi then loaded OTA?
That works today. Is however pretty lame.

I'd prefer compiling on the home I7 -> transmit the file to the Pi and upload OTA from there.

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