Other ATmega lines and Arduino

I could not find much on the Atmega165 and Arduino. This looks promising though.

I have had a look over https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/Atmel-8285-8-bit-AVR-Microcontroller-ATmega165A_PA_325A_PA_3250A_PA_645A_P_6450A_P_datasheet_Summary.pdf

Registers & peripherals look the same, it also appears to be ISP-programmable. Pin number and footprint will not be an issue. I am mainly interested in Wire and SPI libraries, and a few of the avr_enable_* / avr_disable-* functions; no bootloader, not much else, flashing will be done via avrdude.

Does it sound easy enough to use these Atmega165 MCUs with my already existing ArduinoIDE code ? Same question for all other Atmega product lines not already supported by third party hardware packages such as MightyCore


I'm currently working on adding the ATmega165/325/645 and ATmega169/329/649 to MegaCore.

You can find the development branch here:

Things that should work:

  • Set fuses / burn bootloader
  • Uploading using a bootloader or using a programmer
  • All built-in libraries except for Wire

Note that the online documentation has not yet been updated, but the ATmega165 pinout is the same as the ATmega128 one.

Documentation has been updated! Pinouts and minimal setup schematics are now present.

If you want to give it a try, you'll have to do a manual install, since there doesn't exist a boards manager release yet.

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Hello Hans,

Of course you are, great news!
I don't suppose Wire library poses any special problems either.
No such MCUs on my hands yet, but I shall likely resort to them as most other ATmegas are nowhere to be found.

Thank you

Thank you for working on this - wish I knew enough to contribute !

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