Other IDE's in use besides this Arduino IDE?

I am making progress with my amateur radio application and beginning to see some annoying limitations of this Arduino IDE. ( To fully use the Uno I had to go all the way to AVR library to learn about WDT).
So before this gets moved elsewhere by federalis, this is an anything goes within a reason forum, is it? .

Besides AVR IDE 6 ( I just glaceed at it and do not really remember the real name), what other IDE people use?
And yes I can Google for them, I really want to know folks opinions on options.

For example macro access to the mentioned AVR library would be nice right now to replace the missing “F1” key.

I only use the Arduino IDE. Suits my needs just fine as a hardware developer.
Hardcore software programmers may need more.

There are other possibilities.
Look at Arduino Playground - HomePage for the advertisements.
As always the biggest screamers are not the best options :wink:
I can strongly advice arduino eclipse plugin from jantje 8) (He that is me ]:smiley: )
Best regards

I use Sublime Text 2 with the Stino plugin:

It lets you compile and upload directly from Sublime Text 2, which is possibly the best text editor I've ever used. It has plugins for everything and has some really great features for finding/replacing text like the multi-column editing.

One issue though: it recently got a bug where it fails to upload to an Arduino Due native port. The programming port and all other Arduinos work fine, but you have to use the Arduino IDE to upload to the native port for now.