Other modules like EM406 and EM506

Hello, I have been using the EM406 module in a development and it has worked good, but I want to know about other GPS receivers that can offer the same serial NMEA sentences to work with the serial communication with Arduino, specially if they're better and can connect to more satellites.

Also I would like to know what is the name of the connector this modules use


Is it just EM406 female/male connector? or is there another way to call them, haven't been able to find this out.

Thanks in advance.

Adafruit has one they are pretty high on. Has a PPS (pulse per second) output once it has a fix, fix status led on board, battery backed up RTC capabilities, some build in datalogging capability, and a means to automatically disconnect the on board patch antenna and connect an external antenna/preamp via a connector. They claim it can track up to 22 sats on 66 channels and a 10Hz update rate. I don't think they get much better then that?


Thank you very much retrolefty.

I already found out what is the specific name of the connectors.

HI Folks,

I think I do have some problem and just wondering whether I can get some help from you guys.
First of all, I’m try to build up a GPS tracking system. Therefore, I brought an Arduino Mega 2560 master kit from somewhere!! and GPS receiver EM406 as well as GPS shield.

Since I have connected the GPS shield on the top of the Mega 2560 board and connect the GPS receiver to the GPS shield through the EM406 input which is available on the GPS shield. The good news is that the GPS receiver it comes with an LED fit just right to the corner and that can be used to indicate about the GPS signal. On my project I’ve got that LED Flashing which mean it does receive signal and fixed position. However, my problem is that I’m unable to received any coordination as I’m using my computer USB as serial monitor. The Arduino codes that I’m using it’s actually available on the internet linked bellow:


I have only changed these:
#define RXPIN 2 to #define RXPIN 0
#define TXPIN 3 to #define TXPIN 1
According to the Arduino mega 2560 data-sheet.

Here are some photo represent the hardware. Please find the enclosed document.

Eventually, I was trying to minimise it as far as I could … Please guys if anyone has a suitable codes or further comment in regard to the hardware connection then please advice.

Kind regards