other RX/TX PIN on Arduino UNO with SMARTGPU

I purchased the SMARTGPU Display fromVIZIC Technologies. With the standard connection for the RX/TX every exapmles works fine.
Now I tried to reconfigure the RX / TX to the other pin's (TX to 2 and RX to 3). But without success.
What I did: Change the SMARTGPU.h file --> #define TX 2 and #define RX 3
What I have: Arduino UNO
Thank for some advises.

You can't.

Just because Serial port on all arduino is on pin 0 and pin 1. so from you will not be able to change these setting without a lot of modification of the library.

The library use Serial.print function to send the datas, you have to modify all the code of the library.

Why do you want to change the Serial pin ?

Hi Grag38
My project use also an XBEE moduls and a second serial LCD. Mybe I have to change the Arduino UNO to a MEGA.

Thank for your help.


Not true! You can configure a software serial port on any digital pins you want. There is a Tutorial on this site that explains it.