Other Serial.print special characters?

I noticed that serial.print has a special character for tabbing.


Are there any others? I thought it might be nice for making debug pretty.

I ran the alphabet and the complier accepted these

Serial.println("\a"); Serial.println("\b"); Serial.println("\v");

I have no clue what it spits out. The debug window gave me junk that's I can't get to show up in the fourm.

Is there a list? Is these a carriage return? Others?

thanks in advance!


There are "special characters" but what's important is the receiving side. That's where the characters are interpreted. From the sender's perspective, they are just 8 bit values.

What are you using? Serial Monitor?

"\r" is carriage-return. "\n" is line-feed.

I believe Serial Monitor interprets "\r\n" as "advance to the next line".

Here’s a list of the commonly used escape chars in C programming.


I don’t know if all of them are implemented on the Arduino.


Of course those that has to do with UNICODE chars are not implemented on Arduino.