otto robot code error compiling

I made an otto robot and I want to run a code on this robot but this code doesn’t run and give an error please help me with this code.


Otto_avoid.ino (2.72 KB)

error message.txt (6.69 KB)

I assume you followed some instructions to install all the libraries required by that code. Post a link to those instructions.

this file

OTTO_InstructionsManual_V05_arduino.pdf (764 KB)

It wanted me to register just to download the file from the website but from the OttoDIY/DIY GitHub repository I think I have figured out what your problem is. It looks like since they didn't include the LedMatrix library in the package you went off and found a random library of that name and then did a lot of flailing about trying to fix the errors that resulted from it being very outdated and/or written for Wiring.

The first step to fixing this is to remove the bad library you installed:

  • Delete C:\Users\KEYVAN\Documents\Arduino\libraries\LedMatrix. Please be very careful when deleting files on your computer. When in doubt back up!

The next step is to install the correct library (which they hid very well):

After doing that the error should be fixed.

thanks a lot.