Our first Arduino project...

Hello to everyone...

My son and I are trying to build our first robot using an Arduino Mega, we are trying to keep the budget as low as possible. Our idea is to be able to control five or six servos an two dc motor and maybe a few lights. we have all the hardware and y also have an electronic backgroumd and and also work with industrial automation programming. The part where I am beging you for your help is on the set up part...We want to robot to be wireless controlled and I am lost on how to do this with the Arduino Mega. Also wich application should I use to control it from my laptop (running windows xp, or the one running ubuntu) I have Visual studio 2011 and LabView 2011.

Thank you for your help...

A routerbot type setup that might be of interest.


Hi, I am using UNO with XBEEs from Digi. XBEE series 1 is OK for 2 points communication, if you need Mesh capability, use series 2.

Cost is in the $20 area per Xbee, plus 1 interface boards for the Mega and a USB interface board for the XBee at the PC, which may be for example an XStick from Digi or a parallax USB board (part 32400).

If you buy the XStick ($50-$60) that is one of the XBEEs of course.

I wrote a C# program to talk to a USB port where I have the XStick attached, and is working good.

Nordic radios are apparently cheaper, but I don't know how easy they are to work with.

Searching this forum and Internet will give you lots of information.

Old guy.

If you have a bluetooth enabled smartphone you can just get a Bluetooth bee for less and use the phone to control the robot. Of cause you may need to write a program for the phone but even just using a free Bluetooth terminal program will be sufficient.