Outdated Functions - Engineering Kit V.1


I am currently working on the Drawing Robot Project and have encountered numerous problems from the very beginning. Many of the functions described in the tutorial guide for the first engineering kit have since been updated forcing me to change the code in some Tasks and functions that were predefined for me. This would, of course, leads to future headaches since some of the code pre-programmed for me relies on the code that was originally there.

Are there any updated tutorial documentation or do I just have go through the process of changing the code?

Example: in chapter 2 of the tutorial, we are told to write the following code...

a = arduino
carrier = addon(a, 'Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier')

this code does not work with the Motor Carrier. Instead I have to rewrite the code to...

a = arduino
carrier = mkrMotorCarrier(a)

which really is not that bad of a change but I have to do this across multiple lines of code. It is the same case for methods under the dc motor such as DutyCycle being changed to Speed and etc. The problem comes from methods that are no longer defined such as setSpeed found under task3 in the function "moveToCounts." This, of course, causes errors and is the next roadblock keeping me from continuing with the project.

could you please write to us in support@arduino.cc. We would like to have more information related to this. From what I see you are using the 2020 Matlab functions in 2019 version. This could be because of selecting the wrong project files when downloading the add ons. Also, if there are changes in the function we will be updating them in the content.


I actually solved the problem. For some reason when I downloaded MATLAB2020A and included the add-on packaged, I could not find the library "Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier". Instead I would find "MKRMotorCarrier" and this library has different functions than what was included in the tutorials.

I completely deleted all MATLAB software and files from my machine, and when I reinstalled the same version of MATLAB, I see both "Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier" and "MKRMotorCarrier". The issue may have been a path problem since I had MATLAB2018b and MATLAB2020a. Now that I only have one of them, it works.