Outdoor & Indoor remote weather/temp system

I’m interested in building a sort of weather station. The processing power would come from an Arduino Yun (sensor input as well as logging data to the Cloud). I’d want to have one outdoor sensor for temp and humidity that would connect to the Yun wirelessly and, if possible, be solar powered. A rain sensor would be a bonus 8) In addition to the wireless outdoor sensor I’d like to be able to have a couple of indoor temp and humidity sensors (battery or AC powered).

Has anyone built a wireless outdoor sensor like this and if so what did you use? Is it able to function in temperature extremes (at least 0F to 120F)? Areas of investigation for me include the power source, weatherproof enclosure (if needed, but sensors need exposure to the air, right…), sensors, and of course the wireless technology to communicate with the Arduino Yun. In terms of range, the outdoor sensor would be less than 100’ away (but outdoors while the Arduino is inside a brick house). I could probably keep the distance to the outdoor sensor <50’.

I figure if I can build a outdoor sensor to do what I want I’ll have enough to figure out the indoor sensors.

Any advice would be appreciated. I have tried to search the forum and the internet in general without coming across a project like this. My apologies if I missed an obvious answer.

Its easy to build a temperature / humidity sensor , but a lot harder to build a rain guage. Ive built a number of temperature / humidity sensors using the DHT22 , a small micro and a 433 Mhz transmitter. Some issues you need to think about is do you want to expand the system later and add more sensors.