Outdoor IR Beam trigger Issues

Hey Folks, I have successfully assembled a good working beam trigger sketch/circuit using an IR laser and the Radio shack IR sensor. I plan to use the setup as a photo trigger to capture wildlife. However, it seems that once the system is placed in broad day lite the system is flooded with IR radiation from that huge IR source in the sky, and the system no longer works. I have tried shielding the sensor with various shades and such, but the is still too much reflected IR.(Interesting aside, I tested the system outside in winter, and I believe the lack of foliage decreased the over all reflected IR and the system did work in broad daylight with a simple shield from open sky.) The emitter and detector are located about 10" apart and the only way I have found to trip the trigger is to put thumb over the IR detector directly. I was thinking I might possibly use a timed emitter (38hz?) instead of a continuous beam as I have been using. Has anyone ever set up such a system for outdoor use? Anyone have any input on the subject.

This uses a simple IR LED and IR Receiver, it works very well at high speed in the Dubai sunshine.

The key to getting this working was -

  1. Spray paint the inside of the receiver enclosure with ‘ultra flat’ non reflective camouflage paint

  2. Fix the received so that it is an inch back from the small opening in the enclosure

This ensures that only direct light is able to reach receiver, all indirect light is absorbed by the non reflective pain before it can reach the detector.

You can find details of all the components etc by following the other posts in the build along.

Duane B


Vishay TSSP4038 will work fine for this. You can use either your IR laser or just use a regular TSAL6200 IR emitter (either still has to be modulated to 38KHz). No problem getting 10' distance with the cheap IR emitter and the laser should give LONG range, but you'll still want to give the receiver a basic shade (inside a tube or such).

Is it possible to make the standard radio shack IR detector require a 38khz signal?

CLCompton: Is it possible to make the standard radio shack IR detector require a 38khz signal?

My understanding of the radios hack IR detector is that requires an IR signal at 38khz to provide an output. Have you checked its data sheet? Have you checked the IR code examples in the arduino IDE examples?


I understand the IR reciever module ( part# 276-0640) requires a 38khz signal, but I have already built a system where I use the detector from the emitter/detector kit they sell (part# 276-0142), and that detector is a simple continuous signal detector. I was wondering if there was some code that code simulate the 38khz reciever (so i can still use the detector I have in place) so I dont have to completely rebuild my device.