Output Commands From Arduino as Keyboard Inputs

Hello All!

I am brand new to C and brand new to Arduino, I am going to dive in the deep end and have a project planned. I have messed around a bit to learn the basics, but here is what I am trying to achieve.

I have a UNO with a 2x16 LCD display (with keypad). I want to be able to scroll through a menu on the LCD screen with the up and down arrows (this part I can feel my way through) and when the appropriate menu item is selected (from 7 options) output the appropriate number to an attached computer as a keyboard input. (ie choose menu item 1, output 1. Choose menu item 2, output 2 etc).

How do I make my arduino output these selections as keyboard numbers? When my project is complete I will reveal all and post the sketch to benefit everyone.

All assistance would be greatly appreciated.



See if this helps: