Output does not correspond to input

Hi forum , i have been facing a problem regarding receiving the correct output. This is the scenario

On 1 side , i have the transmitter with the following program.

void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); }

void loop() { Serial.print(0xF3); Serial.print(0x82); Serial.print(0x00); }

On another computer , i have the X-CTU which basically displays the bytes im receiving. It receives all the correct values i.e. F3 82 and so on. However , i do not receive a value of 00 w.r.t to the byte 0x00 I ALWAYS receive 80 instead. I have tried many different methods of solving it and none worked.

I hope the forum would enlighten me with solutions :) It is driving me insane. >:(

I ALWAYS receive 80 instead

I assume you mean 0x80, and not 0x50? Can you slow the transmission very slightly, say 9580 instead of 9600? It sounds like you're sampling the stop bit.

[edit]No, that doesn't sound right - the same would go for all values. Hmm.[/edit]