Output from a Game

I'm looking for a good way to read output from a game (FTL) and send it to an a arduino. I've fallen in love with the game and I've been building a custom control panel for it using a couple of Arduino Leonardos and a USB hub to be hidden inside of the enclosure. Getting it to deal correctly with button presses and toggle switches has been going fine but I'd like to step it up a little bit.

I want to to switch some LEDs (in the arcade buttons) on and off or move a gauge like this depending on in-game events (like when the jump drive or weapons are ready to fire). People seem to have been able to pull data like this from flight sims, can anyone tell me how they go about it?

Alternately, does anyone know of some sort of application which can analyse frames/images and send out information to serial as a result? I could use something like FRAPS to dump screenshot images, if I had a program which could compare the segment of the screenshot which has a progress bar to a set of reference images and print a string to the serial port that would work. Unfortunately my codefu isn't strong enough to

Question is do you have any access to the game’s code or internals?? What is it running on? Tell us more about the game… Not enough to go on here yet…