Output live image from OV7670 to Serial and simultaneously to TFT (Arduino Nano 33BLE)

Hi everybody, I am using the Nano 33 BLE and trying to display a live image from the OV7670 to a ST7735 TFT and also simultaneously to the serial port (and into processing). I have been able to make this tutorial work (Machine vision with low-cost camera modules | Arduino Blog) but not sure how to display the image onto the TFT at the same time (if that is possible?). I wonder if anyone has already done this or if there is a project I should look at? (I am a complete beginner with Arduino and Processing). Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks

The part about resizing the image for Arduino ML did not give any concepts about how to resize the image to fit your display's form factor?

Hi, and thank you for the reply.
Perhaps I am too new to this to quite connect the dots... I understand the need to resize the image, but I'm not sure what code I need to display the image from the camera onto the tft... I have the library installed (Adafruit st7735 and st7789), and have separately run the graphicstest example... But not sure where to go to get all working together (with the serial output as well). Thanks :slight_smile:

A search, using the words "display jpg st7735" did not produce a result set?

Hi , thanks. I have tried searching this kind of thing. But I'm having trouble with the wiring. I have been successful using the Uno (with OV7670 and 1.8" TFT) but am hoping to use the Nano 33 for this project and not sure how to translate the wiring and the code for the different board...

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