Output over analog-in pins?

I'm trying to build a system that needs many outputs but no inputs. I thought I could use the analog-input pins as outputs.

My problem is that I do not know how can use (address) these pins to work as outputs from Wiring. Any clue?



Ok. Now I have it: use DDRC register and PORTC. I thought I could use digitalWrite.

would you post more information about how you did this? i'm actually interested in it as well.

You should be able to address them as digital pins 14-19, just as you would any other digital pin (i.e. pinMode(), digitalWrite(), etc).

interesting! that is quite a neat feature. i looked through the code but i couldn't figure out what it was doing. i'll have to try this myself. if it does work that would be awesome!!!

this will either allow me to run an entire reprap machine off of one arduino, or alternatively to control a 6 axis machine from one arduino. either way it rocks.

perhaps this should be documented on the digitalRead/write functions?

We've been debating whether the pins are best accessed as numbers 14-19 or if it would be better to define symbolic constants (e.g. A0, A1, etc.) for them. Once we pick one, it will be documented.