Output Serial Data?

I’m new to programming but I’m trying to communicate with a Serial Motor Drive (http://www.pololu.com/products/pololu/0410/). I know Arduino communicates with a PC serially, but can you output serial data on one of the analog pins? I have an Arduino mini.

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The standard Serial… comands output serial data on digital pin 1 (TX) and receive it on digital pin 0 (RX). Or use the SoftwareSerial library to do serial communication on other pins.


I’m trying to send a series of four bytes to my serial controller using the SoftwareSerial library. Is the following the right way to send four bytes in a row?

mySerial.print(128, BYTE);
mySerial.print(0, BYTE);
mySerial.print(3, BYTE);
mySerial.print(127, BYTE);

I actually noticed that when I run this code, the device receives the right series of data about once per twenty tries. Is there a flaw with my method?

I’m very new to this… but as you haven’t had an answer yet…

I’d try putting a delay between the sends. Make it “large” (in computer terms… say 10 ms?) at first, and if that fixes things, then see if you can reduce the dealy… if that matters to your application.