output to open office calc or .CSV or txt?

output to open office calc or .CSV or txt?

I don't understand the question.

Output where?

When someone prints hello world and opens up the serial viewer if that info could be redirected to a spreadsheet or txt file that could be more useful.

I agree that having an option to save the contents of the serial monitor to a file would be a useful addition (and I think I read somewhere that its on the wishlist for the next release) but in the mean time you can capture the text in the monitor window with your mouse and cut and paste it into another application.

I could if I was not trying to log data if I was only saving a small ammount if I was doing data logging at higher speeds that buffer fills up very quickly. The screen refresh on processing makes that not work. Bash is quite slow I tried that. C to a text file or csv worked and worked with 2 arduinos saving data at once.

Have you tried one of these free terminal programs? Cutecom: http://cutecom.sourceforge.net/ Bray Terminal: http://braypp.googlepages.com/terminal Realterm : http://realterm.sourceforge.net/

Open office has an API that can interface with C, java and many other high level language you can probably make some interface but be aware that Open Office is a big software and that it surely slows down your processor.

[edit]If you only need to make a CSV file any programing language can do the trick. It only needs to open the serial port (real or virtual depending on the board you own) and capturing the incoming data. [/edit]