Outside permanent installation


I'm going to build up a complete weather station using a microcontroller, and I'm seriously thinking about Arduino.
But, in the description of the different arduino boards, I can't see whether the components are suitable for outside permanent installation or not (I say, sensibility of the components to humidity, temperature variations,... and durability in this hostile environment), and, which board I'd preferably use.

I'm particularly interested in Arduino pro, which is said to be suitable for "semi-permanent installation" in the description, but I don't exactly understand what this does mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Moreover, if anyone has experienced an arduino-based weather station, or another-microcontroller-weather station, I'll by very happy to hear about his point of vue...

Thank you very much


did u check the datasheet of ur atmega?
e. g. ATMEGA328-AU-ND: Smart | Connected | Secure | Microchip Technology

i would use a 1cm layer of silicone slime around the metal parts...
but be careful: it is rather difficult to reach the hardware then... :slight_smile: