outside project

I am just about done with my project, I am just waiting on my 3d printer to finish off the boxes and then hopefully tomorrow I will get to install my first live project. But I have a question about wiring.
When taking things off the breadboard, do you generally solder wires on, or stick with the Dupont connectors?
Also are there any generally accepted ways to make them more weather resistant? I am not going to be deploying them exposed, but they will be outside in a covered environment and I would certainly prefer not to have everything fail in a week or two.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.



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I for one LOVE connectors, as it makes it so easy to install and take apart things. My favourite connectors include the JST-XH (much more reliable than DuPont, which are great for prototyping and breadboarding), regular screw terminals, and Phoenix style pluggable screw terminals. The latter mainly for higher voltage/current applications.

For containers, my favourite for always-on projects is the inverted bucket design. Works wonders even in 90-100% humidity climates with regular rainstorms and the occasional typhoon.