OV-7670 & Arduino DUE

Hello everybody, I have been trying to use the camera module OV-7670 with Arduino DUE, I have followed every tutorial I have found but still no result. Lately, I have used this linking diagram |500x296 and this following code CODE...

First I get in Serial "error write reg" I don't know what it means ... Then I open Mac terminal and use picocom command to redirect the stream into a file *.txt, the problem is that I cannot encode it into a jpg file. Help me please !

There is a tutorial with a Mega board :


Adapting the software provided in this tutorial for a DUE is not for a beginner, however that seems to be a good option.

The problem is that I dont get a binary file yet, here is the file containing the stream I receive : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GlcAKC-_b_8dHgxqVa3NGdfSZpUA0Wqd