OV5640 with arduino

i have a Project that i wanna take pictures then send them with WIFI
i use OV5640 https://www.waveshare.com/ov5640-camera-board-a.htm
and arduino mega 2560
i fond an exemple but the camera does'nt work so i need some help

No code posted, no wiring diagram posted, no error message or at least error description posted. Did you really read the sticky post at the top of the topic?

i just need an exemple to start because all exemple that i found does'nt work

Maybe it is not the examples, but your wiring etc. I find it easy to do a search on Google or here. On Google search Arduino and the camera model#. Make sure to follow their wiring example. On the forum search the camera model#.

Also post all your code, wiring etc. like needed or you want get help! Trust me, been there!