OV7670 Camera Module

Greetings to everyone.
I would like to ask you some helpful informations.

Resently I bought an OV7670 Camera Module to conect it on my Arduino Uno board.
Unfortunately, this item is not compatible with any tutorial I found in dozens and dozens of sites.
And its basic features is these:

18 pins with these signs:

3.3v GND
D7 D6
D5 D4
D3 D2
D1 D0

I aint noticed these features on any OV7670 Camera in any site of tutorial, like youtube or arduino.cc or many others at google searching.
The most comon OV7670 Cameras I find in tutorials, are these with the features like: SIOC, SIOD, WRST, or something. But none something exactly like mine.
Please, if any of you, knows how to make it conect or have any useful link, I will apreciate to inform me.
Thank you all for your time.

I see SCL and SDA (3DA?) So it has an I2C interface.
VS probably Vertical Sync
HS probably Horizontal Sync
PCLK and MCLK both clock
D0 thru D7 8 bits data (Video?)
RESET well reset the thing this could either be high or low
PWDN put the device in low power state