OV7670 favor please. requesting image

Hi guys,, can you guys do me a favor?

I need you to get a picture using your 7670 using our beloved Arduino and attach it over here. Basically, can you must be like 12 inches or more from the camera.. and try to move your eyes. can you capture like this

assuming theres a lcd monitor (15 inches) in front of you.
take a picture

picture 1: looking at upper left corner of monitor
picture 2: looking at upper center
3: looking at upper right
4: looking at middle left
5: looking at middle center
6: looking at middle right
7: looking at lower left
8: looking at lower center
9: looking at lower right

something like this (nevermind the pink arrows)
(this image is shot using my laptop's 1.3 mp webcam)

basically, can the ov7670 capture the differences in the image when the eye moves in 9 positions?? or will it just be blurry (meaning we cant distinguish where the pupil is located at)?