OV7670 Image capture Via. Mic module

Hello I am working on a projekt and I would appreciate every single bit of help.

My idea is to take a simple picture with OV7670(Camera), when my mic module senses a sound over a specific decibel level. I am asking for some help with some coding, and how i could wire everything up.


You need a mic and probably some kind of sound card to pic up the mic signal.
Post the data sheet telling what the interface, to the camera, need to provide firing the camera.

destructibles has an article outlining and frame cap:

along with a github link to Uno code:

Given the source, YMMV, but it might be worth trying. Focus on getting a frame cap first. Finding a way to trigger based on an audio level should be fairly easy after that.

Here is a set of three sound sensors for $4.99:

They have a threshold pot and a digital output. You can use them on an Arduino similar to a button.

void loop()
  if (digitalRead(SoundSensorPin) == HIGH)

Did you want to DO anything with the picture? Save it on an SD card, maybe? That would require the addition of an SD Card module.

Thank you guys for help, i've just begun on the project now. I know it is a bit late, but it is something I wanna do.

I still got some problem with the wiring, and I would like to know if the video below, is a good sum up on how to set this up with coding and wiring.