OV7670 library


I have ov7670 and I was wondering if there is arduino library for it that does not require a camera shield.

Thank you

The camera has serial output so you don't need a shield. Some info can be found here.

Arctic_Eddie, that is a very special version of a OV7670 you link to there. Usually the modules do have a parallel output. And the cheapest versions don't even offer a FIFO buffer.


Those modules without FIFO can only be used with Arduino (Uno/Mega-class) with reduced resolution and with few fps (if at all, more like fpm - frames per minute). The ATmega328 is too slow to cope with the fast pixel clock and data. I managed to fill a 128kbyte 24LC1024 SPI-RAM module, but just switching to the next module via Chip Select and continueing writing there leads to loss of bytes and thus distortions.


The situation is better with OV7670 modules with FIFO buffer. There you don't need to react on the "data ready" signal from the camera, but toggle each byte out manually. This still has some limits as the FIFO can only hold half of 640x460x16bit resolution images, but you can ready a fully scale image and move it to RAM and process it from there.

The UART based module should be simple as hell; the information is available at your link. Just start communication according to the data sheet, receive the readily compressed JPEG and push that out anywhere you want.

@kingofjong: The module and code for it has been discussed here intensively: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=159557.0

I was only looking for a camera with an output that the Arduino could handle without a shield. That just happened to be the first one encountered.

The amount and rate of data coming out of a camera and the capability of an Arduino are just not a happy pair. As a surveillance setup it could be made to work in capturing and storing single frames every few seconds.

If the OP wants to pursue the serial camera then here is the data from Adafruit. It includes wiring and links to libraries. However, the image transfer time is going to be painfully slow. A camera with an SPI interface will be more suitable, if one exists. The OP did not specifically identify the camera.

i have ov7670 camera im not getting how to connect it with arduino and store pic in sd card pl guide me