OV7670 on Mega 2560

Hi, I'm trying to capture a picture with the OV7670 on the Mega 2560 without ArduCAM Shield and save it on the SD Card. But its not so easy... Can you help me? Thanks! :)

What have you tried?

Hi mike_one, It is almost impossible to caputre image from OV7670 directly with Mega2560. The data stream from OV7670 is 24MHz, it exceeds the maxim IO toggling speed of the MCU. So you may need extra hardware like ArduCAM shiled to buffer the entire image before read them out with fairly low speed. You may have interest to know how to capture compressed JPEG image from ArduCAM shield with Mega2560, please view here: http://www.arducam.com/arducam-bluetooth-module-wireless-image-system/.

I bought ArduCam-F and OV2640. and it works ;) thanks friends ;)