OV7670 + SD

Hello, I have Arduino Uno R3 and Mega 2560, also OV7670 with 18 pins (NO TX & RX pins!!!), and SD card module with SD card. I have already checked SD card module and it works.

Almost 3 days I'm searching any tutorial for OV7670 (18 pins) but without success,

So can anyone give me some of this suggestions:

  1. how to connect (wiring) OV7670 and SD card module to Arduino Uno R3 or Arduino Mega2560
  2. any libraries and code for PICTURE and VIDEO logging to SD card

  1. If there will be instructions how to send Video streaming to some Server via ESP8266, it will be great !

Sory for my poor English.

See e.g. hacking-ov7670-camera-module-sccb-cheat.html for hardware details.

Forget about video, it requires much more powerful hardware (RAM, DMA...). Even the smallest picture does not fit into Arduino memory, so that taking a picture will require to split and merge several frames. I think that I found Arduino sample code some time ago, but cannot remember any details.

good night

I need help with the conexion, I have the next conexion

ethernet arduino mega 10 53 11 51 12 50 13 52

mega camera 23 reset 3 href 21 SIOC 20 SIOD 25 VSYNC 2 PCLK 46 XCLK but mean 5 vdc , i dont understand The conversion is automatic or requires electronic circuit gnd pwdn

www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDIJLO2S874 see if you can get some help from here

Hi lasha_p92,

I am facing the same problem as you. I have the FIFO and non-FIFO versions of the camera to use, but i cannot find any examples or libraries that would help me take a picture and save it to an SD card.

Did you manage to find a solution eventually? If so, would you mind sharing some experience?

Thank you very much in advanced, Felipe