OV7670 sketch??? Please help me!

I have Arduino Mega and OV7670 camera, and I can not to sketch. =( Please write me some sketch. :(

Are you ignorant about Google?

If you go to Google (http://www.google.com/), and you type in "OV7670" - you should get a ton of hits (for me 348,000 hits appeared).

Now - for me, the third link down was this link to the Arduino forum from 2012:


If you review the links google gives you (especially the links to various datasheets - along with code for a variety of platforms other than the Arduino - which you can reference to validate whatever code you come up with -for- the Arduino) - and the links in that Arduino forum thread, you should be able to find more than a few potentially working (??? - unknown, I have not tried any of the code personally) examples - at least more than enough to get started.

But - before all of that - perhaps you need to take some time in learning how to perform Google searches, proper search terms to maximize relevant results, etc - before you start down this road with the OV7670 camera - simply because if you were unable to get this far, and were unable to use Google for some reason, you will likely hit another stumbling block which could be answered fairly quickly - sooner, rather than later.

Good luck - the world is counting on you!

With not UTFT. On serial port. Or the snapshot photo save on sd card.