OV7670 Wiring problems

I am coding with OV7670 and got some problems with wiring.

I am pretty new and I dont know how to wire it up from this picture:

(picture is found at the attached file)

Any help would be nice :smiley:

What don't you get from the picture? It shows every wire connection you will have to make. Those little squares are resistors you will also have to add into your wiring with the indicated values. Things like this are often done on a wiring breadboard to begin with.

I don't know how much current will draw so I don't know if you can wire up the 3.3V pin to the Arduino 3.3V pin. It may not be able to supply enough current. I'm sure the specs will tell you.

Nice documentation posted! Well done!
Look at the figure showing the 2 circuits. Don't worry about the text table to the right.

You say you are having problems, what are the actual problems? Have you actually tried to run it?