Oven Temperature controller

I want to use this heater for up to 200 C and measure that temperature using themocouples. Finally, I want also control the temperature. That means, there will be a pre-set value (say, 150 C) and my Arduino will measure the temperature and when the temp goes down to 150C heater will be activated. Similarly, when temp goes up beyond 150C, heater will be de-activated.

This is just my idea. If anyone has better and simple way to measure & control the temperature please help me.

You should build in some hysteresis to the system so the heater is not continuously cycling on and off. For instance, turn on at 148C and off at 152C.

You’ll need a thermocouple amplifier - I’ve used the MAX6675-based shields.

They work well



I'm designing an oven controller as we speak, as there will be 20,000 of them put in ovens every year price is important so at this point I plan to NOT use the MAX6675 (or similar) chip to save costs.

However for a one-off yes I would just buy a TC shield.