Over The Air (OTA) Update via IoT Cloud - Not Working?

Step 6 of this tutorial clearly shows a drop-down menu where you can see USB and cloud methods of uploading a sketch:

The cloud method is simply not available when I am working on my sketch associated with a Nano RP2040 Connect that is Online.

I am paying for an upgraded plan that includes OTC updates, and I have successfully integrated a sketch with the cloud dashboard, but the OTA updating option seems to be missing.

Can anyone help troubleshoot this?

OTA for Nano RP2040 Connect will be released in a few days, stay tuned!

Is there any update on over the air publishing of sketches with the new RP2040 connect chip?
I've upgraded my subscription to allow OTA publishing, some times it works, some times it doesn't with the web interface just showing an "[object Object]" error which means nothing to me.
I know the sketch is good because I can upload it by plugging the chip in to my PC and as per above, sometimes the OTA works, sometimes it doesn't....which is a bit frustrating :slight_smile:

quick update, now all I'm getting is "binary not received by the board: board not found"....really frustrating as I can see the "thing" is online!

This seems to be happening with a lot of different types of boards. I wish support would do something about it.

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